How can I get support for trackSYNQ PLUS?

We have a support team ready to provide consultation on all trackSYNQ PLUS related issues, so feel free to email us at with any question and we promise to get back to you by the same day.

Where are the trackSYNQ PLUS servers hosted?

TrackSYNQ PLUS servers are hosted in AWS and server maintenance will be handled by us. All you have to do is access trackSYNQ PLUS through web browsers (Chrome & Firefox recommended) and our native mobile applications.

Can I use trackSYNQ PLUS outside Singapore?

So far, we have been concentrating on providing great experiences for users in Singapore. We are planning to expand our services to other countries in the near future. For more details regarding countries we serve, feel free to email us at

How can my mobile workforce get on board trackSYNQ PLUS?

1) Download the app onto their working phones.
2) If you do not have a dispatcher’s account, register through our website. Once done, create individual logins for your mobile workforce.
3) We will email the account information to your mobile workforce. They can start using the app once they login.

What are the industries trackSYNQ PLUS able to serve?

Our best-in-class developers have architected the system to be agile enough for a large variety of companies. To find out whether trackSYNQ PLUS is suitable for your industry and company, feel free to email us at

What mobile devices are supported by trackSYNQ PLUS?

The mobile app for drivers is available for iPhone and Android mobile devices. The app can be downloaded both on Google Play store and Apple store.